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Consultations - Nutritional Therapy 

Consultations are usually online via Zoom. Initial consultations last approximately 2 hours, with follow up consultations taking approximately one hour (to an hour and a quarter.) 

What happens before the consultation?

Before the consultation you will be emailed a detailed questionnaire, which includes for example your symptoms, past medical history and a three day food diary. These should be returned to the practitioner at least 48 hours before the initial consultation. 

What happens during the consultation?

During the initial consultation, the first part of the session focuses on information gathering, typically the practitioner will ask a lot more questions, expanding on information given in the questionnaire. The practitioner is trying to build a picture of what is going on in your body, and what may be causing some of your current symptoms. 

After the information gathering stage, the practitioner will explain what they believe is happening, and will make suggestions for dietary and lifestyle changes you can make, as well as recommending some relevant supplements (if applicable - and rarely long term). These suggestions and recommendations will be agreed upon by both the practitioner and the client, ensuring the client is ready to make the changes.

After the consultation

After the consultation the client will be emailed a recommendations sheet, which outlines all the recommendations agreed on with the client. Each recommendation will include explanations for the rationale behind the recommendation. Meal ideas and recipes will also be included. The practitioner may also add fact sheets, recommended reading or links to websites. 


At Gwenright Nutrition we accept cash, credit card (via terminal), Bank Transfer and PayPal. 

Consultations can be paid in instalments as well, via PayPal - just inquire at 

Prices (below apply from April 2022)

Nutritional Therapy

Initial consultation 2 hrs               €150                                                                    

Follow up consultation 60 mins      €85

Package 1:                                    €220

Consultation plus follow up, paid in advance (at initial)

Package 2:                                    €280

Consultation plus two follow ups, paid in advance (at initial)