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Our aim is to make Irish families healthier, by educating and assisting people in their quest to improving their health, naturally. With a  special interest in women's health (including fertility, pregnancy and lactation), babies and children, and in particular, digestive wellness, we are available to do talks for clubs, schools and groups. 

For consultations, a number of different services are available, with different pricing structures. Whether you are an athlete, mum to be, or want to lose some weight, there are consultations to suit you. 

Please look at the individual pages where each service provided is outlined in more detail. Contact us with any queries you have or to inquire about any of how our services could be adapted to suit your needs.  

At gwenrightnutrition we provide the following: 

- Dietary Counselling

- Analysis of diet using state of the art software

- Weight loss programmes

- Healthy eating talks